Green Thinking
Modernizing the production technology of our furniture, we have not strayed from the ideas, that we were guided by from the beginning.
We are FSC® certified. We respect the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council. 
Cannot be easier
Our furniture are produced in harmony with nature, so assembly process have to be easy too!

About us

We specialize in production of wooden furniture, with almost 30 years of experience.

We have been providing range of furniture producers and sellers in Europe with technological consultancy in the creation of new products and the best solutions.

We are a family owned company, that is why we rely on trustworthy business relationships which are beneficial for every party to a deal.


B2B Partnership

In times of intense competition it is essential to carry out a project promptly. We know that. That is why we act skilfully and timely.

Each of our customers can be sure that we efficiently tailor our services to his individual preferences, plans and expectations.

Flexibility is our middle name!


Your Garden Inspiration

We never stand, we are always seeking new ideas to inspire you.

Share your dreams about garden with us.

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